Monday, 2 May 2016


The best part of the journey began::

First Impression Junior college:-

The first day in Don Bosco,a bit nervousness was making hell out of my mind,
                 " ALL THE STAFF FACULTIES,TEACHERS AND STUDENTS ARE REQUESTED TO ASSEMBLE IN THE HALL",a loud sound hit my eardrum,a really difficult moment for me to discover where the hall actually was!

With a bit weird face i was following the sound,at that instant a new fresher crossed my way and walked two steps ahead,I drew his attention by asking: 'Bhau' where is the hall? A calm and a polite response came from his side:Buddy follow me.

I was staring each and everything inside the hall like a glutton do with their meal!!
After a while the background music went on and I was still embarrassed as I was not understanding the way the song was being played,it was really an American accent music,after some while I joined my hands and bowed the head using the copy cat technique.The whole prayer and the announcement was flowing over my mind:
As the assembly dispersed i followed the students and found myself sitting beside a guy and started to ask the college biography for an hour and made a friendship within the first recess.

The college hour spent in a very fast fashioned way,all the way around myself I found some really God's crafted chicks who was busy with their so called new made friends,for some instant what i wanted to ask is:Hello myself Vivek,May we be good friends? But my mind had some control over my flowing emotions,I wanted to resolute but i made my emotions suppressed  and thought of an Indian conservative stereotypical view that I should have to remain intoxicated with studies.

I  was endowed with my introversion and what I kept on thinking all over is to make myself exposed as a true example of book worm student.

College Days:-

Finally we had our former combined "Science stream" class being bifurcated into sections,I had got enrolled in the section 'B',I was little unhappy as I had to leave my new made friend who got his section 'A'.I fare-welled him by shaking his hand and ultimately started my journey to my section.

Class teacher was already in the class waiting for her coming bright future,During seat allotment what was going  in the mind of some students standing me nearby  was to capture the last bench,while i was still nervous as I shall be getting the seat in the front row or not,for me ,my small world was confined in the "atmosphere of books",while others were still observing the beauty and physical inventiveness inside the class room.

The class hours were going in the speed of a Local train and i was a happy passenger in that train as I had no issues with the speed and with the so called class driver.

"The teachers itself are the most worried person with loads of doubts in their mind"this comes to almost every teenagers in their mind.

My hunger for absorbing each words coming out from teacher was located in the supreme level and I was glued to the incoming decibels from the higher authority ,I had every bit of solution whether it might be  logical or illogical.
Most of the times the teacher had to itch their head for my illogical response,Eventually the whole class had the best time to get entertained and this would come with laughter.clapping and clamoring,and making me know that i have been awarded with the suitable Nobel prize in alienating the class with my absurd response.

"I never understood that the real part of happiness comes while sitting on the last benches and chit-chatting with the opposites". 

I was no less than those rocking "back benchers",what i used to do was to manage a notebook from the girl's side which would have given a serene satisfaction to my mind,this achievement for me was far beyond enjoying and chit-chatting on the last benches.Even though I had a unique strategy in asking a girl for her notebook,I wasn't yet bold to face the eye-battle with a girl to continue the pace in talking and gossiping.

Writing soon :::THANKS stay tuned!!